our services

Vetfriends Animal Hospitals offer a wide range of services to help give your pets the very best of care. These services include those listed below. You also find additional services at some Vetfriends Hospitals like acupuncture, ultrasound, quarantine certification and specialist treatments.


When you think something may be wrong or want to know more about caring for your pet, you can arrange a consultation with one of our highly experienced Veterinarians. They usually take 15-30 minutes and the Veterinarian will address your concerns and check your pets overall health.  It is recommended that you call in advance to make an appointment to avoid waiting. Appointments are available throughout the day and we’ll do our best to accommodate you.

Annual check ups

Vetfriends Hospitals always believe prevention is better than cure.

We recommend that every pet comes in and sees us annually. Our Vets and nurses will take the opportunity to give your pet a thorough all over check up and discuss any questions you may have. The annual check up is a great opportunity to ensure that annual vaccinations are up to date. It will give you the peace of mind that you have a healthy and happy pet.


There are many diseases that are fatal to dogs. Fortunately, we have the ability to prevent many of these by the use of very effective vaccines.  For dogs they cover Distemper, Hepatitis, Parvovirus and Kennel Cough. We now use 3 year vaccines to protect against most nasties but kennel cough is still required annually. We also recommend an annual heartworm injection so that you dont have to remember to administer monthly treatments. For cats we recommend an F4 vaccine as it protects against the 4 key nasty feline viruses. 






All Vetfriends Hospitals have fully equipped state of the art surgical theatres. Using the latest technology supported by radiology and pathology we are able to perform procedures to maintain and improve your pets well being. Desexing is a common day procedure performed at all our practices and is highly recommended. See our pet info section for information on pre and post operative care.

Boarding and Day care

Most Vetfriends Hospitals offer day care, short and long term boarding and kenneling for both dogs and cats. Our convenient locations and long hours make dropping off and picking up your pet easy. You'll also have the peace of mind of knowing that your precious family member is in the caring hands of Veterinary professionals. We can cater to special diets and ensure plenty of tender loving care. Bookings essential. 

Puppy School

Puppy school is a fun and informative class designed to provide socialisation and basic training for your puppy. They are run at each of our Hospitals. Like children, puppies learn very fast at an early age. These classes give your pup a great start in life and will help them grow into a well-adjusted and behaved dog. For more information click here.

Pet supplies 

For your convenience Vetfriends Hospitals carry a range of essential pet supplies including flea treatments, food, accessories, toys and tretas. Our expert staff is always there to assist you to make sure you get just what you need for your pets well being. And because they are experts u you know you are getting the right advice. 

Dental examinations


Just like us it’s important that puppies, kittens, cats  and dogs maintain healthy teeth and gums. We’re not suggesting they brush their teeth every day but it's a good idea to get your pets teeth checked at regular intervals. We are always happy to do that for free or as part of your pets annual check up. If further care is needed we can discuss the options with you on the spot.


Pamper your dog with our unique blend of health and beauty. You'll find grooming at our Hospitals in Parramatta, Chatswood, Epping and Riverview. Our expert groomers will discuss your needs and ensure your pet not only looks good but is well looked after. If its just a bath you are after, most Vetfriends clinics are happy to oblige. Again bookings are essential.