Fun, Relaxed and Informative Puppy Training

Puppy school is a fun and informative class designed to provide socialisation and basic training for your puppy. Like children, puppies learn very fast at an early age. These classes give your pup a great start in life and will help them grow into a well-adjusted and behaved dog. All Vetfriends classes are taught using the ‘positive reinforcement’ method. That is we encourage, reward and praise the puppy for the right behaviour. What they learn now (both good and bad) is what they will remember in their adult life.

The classes are designed for pups between 8 and 16 weeks of age. Puppy school is run over 4-5 weeks on location at each Vetfriends Hospital.

The course typically consists of the following:

  • Week One
    Puppy playtime, ‘Sit’, ‘Come’, Toilet training, Teaching independence, Socialisation

  • Week Two
    Playtime, Progressing ‘Sit & Come’, Handling your puppy, ‘Lie down or drop’, Socialisation, Dealing with problems

  • Week Three
    Progressing ‘Sit & Come & Lie Down’, Resource guarding, Dealing with aggression, Dogs & Children, Playtime

  • Week Four
    Nipping & Biting, ‘Stay’, Progressing exercises, Playtime, Environmental enrichment, Graduation Ceremony

Classes are available in the evenings and on weekends.
To find the time when the next class is starting contact your nearest Vetfriends location.