About Us

Vetfriends is the name behind Sydney’s leading Veterinary Hospitals and Clinics. As part of Vetfriends each Hospital is committed to providing exceptional care with only the very best Veterinarians and nurses to look after you and your pets.

Our Veterinary care includes annual check ups, vaccinations, dental care and surgery. In addition most of our Hospitals and clinics also offer boarding, grooming and puppy school. Always with lots of tender loving care.

Our Services

Vetfriends Animal Hospitals offer a wide range of services to help give your pets the very best of care. These services include those listed below. You also find additional services at some Vetfriends Hospitals like acupuncture, ultrasound, quarantine certification and specialist treatments.


Annual check ups


Puppy School

Puppy school is a fun and informative class designed to provide socialisation and basic training for your puppy. Like children, puppies learn very fast at an early age. These classes give your pup a great start in life and will help them grow into a well-adjusted and behaved dog. All Vetfriends classes are taught using the ‘positive reinforcement’ method. That is we encourage, reward and praise the puppy for the right behaviour. What they learn now (both good and bad) is what they will remember in their adult life.

The classes are designed for pups between 8 and 16 weeks of age. Puppy school is run over 4-5 weeks on location at each Vetfriends Hospital.

Client Testimonials

I was recommended to this vet from a friend after losing confidence in my previous vet. The ladies at the front counter are lovely and create a warm atmosphere that is instantly felt. My puppy was treated by Dr Rosely who was so well informed, making sure she explained the possible reasons behind each illness of my puppy and suggesting all possible treatments so the steps were clear. It is important to have confidence in your vet, which I definitely have with Gladesville Vet Hospital

Stacey @ Gladesville Vet
Could not have asked for better care, attention and exceptional service for my fur baby. Such a thorough, caring team. As a new client, I could not be more impressed. Thank you so much!
Chantelle @ Bexley Vet